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Growing Tomorrow's Minds
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Growing Tomorrow's Minds
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Discounts are available for Educators and Child Care Professionals

Welcome to Creative Bags For Creative Minds

Cbforcm is an Australian owned business offering a range of affordable, quality educational resources, special needs products, sensory toys/aids, children’s books, games, toys and more!

Being a mother of five (four wonderful boys and my beautiful daughter) and having children with special needs, I know how expensive life can become and how time poor we are. Our children are precious and the key to our future, we only have a small window to nurture their creativity, instill a love of learning and grow tomorrow’s minds. These days’ time seems to fly by and before you know it our children are all grown up.  

When we nurture our child’s mind from a young age, instill a thirst for knowledge and encourage curiosity of the world around them there is no limits to what they can achieve. My four year old continues to amaze me with his enthusiasm to learn and wonder of the world around him. He is constantly asking questions and loves watching educational videos to explain his questions, like “How do fish breathe?” or “How is rain formed?”

When the school told me he would be learning to read this year in Pre-Primary I was surprised as they are so small, and I thought reading was taught in year one. Through support and encouragement, he has embraced the challenge and is flourishing!

In 2018 I started thinking about how I could stay at home with my children and continue to support them while following my passion for education and helping other parents like myself. I feel life seems be on fast forward and the costs of living have increased making it hard for families all around.

For me as a parent, shopping with 5 kids can be challenging and having a place I can visit online that is affordable and offers a wide range of products is important. Whether I am looking for educational or special needs resources, birthday presents, craft supplies, etc. it is good to know I can find them all in one place and have it delivered straight to my door. I created Cbforcm to offer quality, affordable solutions to everyday parents as well as reward systems for schools and childcare centers. 

It has been quite a journey with many hiccups along the way. I have embraced the challenges and am excited about this year’s new goals and cannot wait to launch my next step.

Over the coming months Cbforcm will be getting a whole new look which is user friendly for parents, schools and childcares. Our rewards program for schools and early learning centers/childcare’s will be launched and is a great way to earn resources and give back to the community that help care for our children and ‘Grow tomorrow’s minds’.

I will be designing a range of specialised bags for children focusing on the importance of play which is essential for healthy brain development, educational resources and Special Needs.

‘Through play your child develops their sense of imagination, learns social skills, language and communication, gains emotional wellbeing and helps them become engaged and learn about the world around them.’

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Your positive experience is my top priority, Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Your call will not be ignored, your email will not be forgotten and I will  respond within 24 hours.

Lisa Stewart, Business Owner

Mobile: 0404 141 068

Email: enquiries@cbforcm.com.au

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